5 Tips that will Help you Take Care of Your Cacti

5 Tips that will Help you Take Care of Your Cacti

Are you a new cacti parent? If you are, then it's likely that you are looking for some tips on how you can take care of your cacti.

The good news is that cacti, as well as many other succulents, don't really require too much attention. You might have to spend some time taking care of them. But, not nearly as much as you'd spend taking care of a lot of other plants.

So, how exactly can you take care of your cactus? Well, the first thing you should do is make sure that your cactus gets enough light.

Make Sure Your Cactus has Enough Light

Cacti indeed love sunlight. How much sunlight is enough? About eight hours per day should suffice.

However, be careful not to give cacti more than enough of it. While it's true that a cactus loves to be embraced by the sun for hours on end, it might also get sunburned.

If a cactus is left out in the sun for too long, there's a chance that you'll see it turn brown or yellow. That is something you must avoid.

Don't Water Your Cacti Frequently

One thing that cacti are known for is surviving without water for long periods of time. The reason for this is that cacti retain water in their stems.

However, this only means that you shouldn't water your cacti frequently, not that you shouldn't do it at all.

Watering your cacti at least once a month will do the trick.

Get the Right Fertilizer

Much like many other plants, cacti might also need fertilizer to grow big, strong, and in their case, prickly.

cactus fertilizers can ensure that your cacti are receiving the nutrition they need in order to grow. But, in the case of cacti, you can't just use any type of fertilizer. You have to get the ones that are specifically made for it.

Specially made fertilizers allow cacti to not be over or under-fed.

Check the Soil

Soil is another key part of growing a cactus. You need to make sure that you use the right mix of soil.

A lot of plants like soft and wet soil. That's not really the case for cacti. Most of them prefer soil that has sand and rocks. If that's what you have, then you're all set.

Pick the Right Pot

Finally, you should also be careful with which pot you decide to put your cacti in. a pot that has drainage holes might very well be your best bet.

Why? Because drainage holes mean you don't have to worry about water remaining at the bottom of your plant. Since cacti don't need a lot of water, having a lot of it remain at the bottom might cause some serious harm. Luckily, you can avoid that.

Growing a Lot of Cacti

Now, you're all set to grow your very own cacti. We, at TUILLY, can help you learn and get a lot of them.

So, get going, your cacti farm awaits you!

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