Adding Plants to Your Office Life

Adding Plants to Your Office Life

If you wondering whether or not there is a positive correlation between office greenery and productivity, well it actually exists. Many studies have shown that adding indoor plants to your office spaces comes with a lot of benefits.

Here at TUILLY, you can find a diverse range of indoor plants to complete your office space. By simply adding some greenery in the form of indoor plants, you can in fact create a warmer environment.

Besides the increase in productivity, indoor plants reduce stress, work as air purifiers and even improve creativity. So shall we take a look at the advantages of these wonderful plants?

How Does Office Greenery Benefit You?

  • Stress Reduction

    A 2011 study by the new University of Technology Sydney found that workers' stress was significantly reduced when plants were introduced into the workspace.

    The results included a decrease of 37% of the reported tension and anxiety, a 58% reduction in depression or low mentality, and a 44% decrease in anger and hostility. Fatigue was reduced by 38%.

    Proponents of color psychology claim that the color green has a relaxing and soothing effect.

    Therefore, decorating your office with this shade can have the same effect as bringing plants to the workplace.

  • Creativity

    Many studies have found that if people would look at the color green for 2 seconds before starting any creative task, it can increase their creativity.

    Researchers name this as the ‘green effect'.

    A study by Human Space in 2015 also found that people who added natural elements to their offices actually performed 15% better than those without.

    The Attention Restoration Theory suggests that concentration or mental fatigue can be improved just by looking at nature for a few minutes. This leads to employees being more relaxed and more concentrated on their tasks.

  • Productivity

    According to a study done by the University of Exeter in 2014, the level of productivity can be 15% higher if an office space is filled with greenery.

    Memory retention can be improved by adding at least one plant per square meter. This can really help employees. How? By scoring higher on tests!

  • Air purifier

    Houseplants also improve air quality in many other ways. Plants can release water vapor in the air. This increases humidity and might help improve skin health conditions.

    It can be an amazing advantage for people that have respiratory problems too. Their headaches or allergies don't need to be as difficult or annoying to get through.

Best Office Plants

Besides everything we mentioned above, indoor plants can help breathe some life into the job environment.

We know that many people might not take proper care of their plants. So, they might need plants that are low maintenance, require low sunlight, and can survive in warm or cold environments. These plants can be:

  • Snake plants

    You should only remember to water them once a month. They can survive in low sunlight and infrequent watering.

  • Peace Lilies

    Another good option is the Peace Lily: pretty and has low maintenance. It requires monthly watering and low to medium lighting. They are the best in surviving dry and cold environments.

  • Aglaonema

    If you want to chit-chat, Aglaonema can be an amazing office plant option. It needs watering once a month and your love as well.

  • Bonsai, the diva

    Yes, it is difficult to keep a Bonsai alive! But hey you can try again even if u don't succeed. Bonsais are one of the kind and simply beautiful addition to your personal space at work.

Making Your Office More lively

So, if you are thinking of creating a warmer workplace environment, adding some plants would be beneficial.

You can check out the diverse collection of indoor plants at TUILLY. And, if you want to find out more about plants and plant accessories, click here.

We want to create a happy community where all plant lovers can really feel comfortable!

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