Do Indoor Plants Differ From Outdoor Plants?

Do Indoor Plants Differ From Outdoor Plants?

Are you on the fence about picking between indoor and outdoor plants? No need to worry! We, at TUILLY, are here to tell you all the things that make these two types of plants different.

But what do indoor plants refer to exactly? And, are outdoor plants really that different?

Well, indoor plants are pretty exactly what their name suggests. They are plants that grow indoors. These can be either homes or even offices.

Outdoor plants are the exact opposite. They like the outdoors and prefer to grow in the open air.

But, those aren't the only differences that these two plant types have. Here's how they actually differ from each other:


Most indoor plants don't require as much as outdoor plants do. Indoor plants don't grow to mature size, they can't.

Unlike outdoor plants, indoor plants grow in a small container which is, most of the time, a pot. And, a lot of people choose the size of their pot based on the space they have in their homes. The bigger the space, the bigger the pot

That's not the case for outdoor plants. They don't face the same limitations as indoor plants.

Outdoor plants' roots have a lot more space to grow. That means that they can grow to mature size.


Lighting also factors into how indoor and outdoor plants differ. However, it does also depend on the type of plant we are talking about.

Most outdoor plants do require a lot more light than indoor plants. But, that doesn't mean that every single outdoor plant requires the same amount of light.

However, no matter how little light an outdoor plant needs, it's very rare for that amount to be the same for indoor plants.

Indoor plants don't really need a lot of light. And, if they do, they can make do with artificial lighting as well.

Slowly With the time you will know about how much lighting is too much for indoor plants.


What about the watering process? Is it the same for both indoor and outdoor plants?

Nope, it's not. Yes, you can water both indoor and outdoor plants. However, outdoor plants don't need your help with that process as much as indoor plants do.

Outdoor plants can receive watering through rainfall. On the other hand, indoor plants are a little needier.

Indoor plants need an exact amount of water. If you're not too careful, indoor plants can become susceptible to fungus. That would cause a lot of damage to your plants. It can even be irreversible in some cases.

So, you best be careful with how you take care of your indoor plants.

Pick a Plant that Fits You Best

Well, what are you waiting for? Are you more of an indoor or outdoor plant lover?

No matter what you pick, you have to remember that there is a plant out there waiting for you! Come find it at TUILLY.

With us, you may not only find your perfect plant but also learn all about what makes plants and plant accessories so great. TUILLY is here to help you!

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