How to Move Plants Into Your Home Safely?

How to Move Plants Into Your Home Safely?

Perhaps you realize you need to move, and when you look at all the beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees in the garden, the pain of sorrow catches you. You remember how much time and effort you spent in your garden, and wonder if you can even move your plants to another home.

With the right time and the right care, it is often possible to introduce some of your favorite plants into your new home. Of course, you need to make sure that the person who bought your home is okay to take you with them and a little bit of your garden.

Let's see how to move plants carefully:

  • When to Move Plants

    If possible, it is best to move the perennials in early spring and in the fall when the temperature is not too high. The hot, dry summer months are the worst time to travel. If the plant is removed from the soil during this time, the plant will be immediately stressed. The best way to move trees and shrubs is to wait until winter. However, it may be possible to relocate in late spring or summer, especially during the rainy season.

  • How to Transfer Plants

    When digging a plant, get as many roots as possible. Soil helps protect plants on the move. Place the plant in a pot with ample space and make sure the soil is sufficiently moist. Wrap large plants, shrubs, and tree roots in the weave.

  • Transporting Plants to Another Location

    If you need to move the plants in the summer, keep them away from the sun and wind. The root ball needs to be moistened and it is recommended to transport it as soon as possible. It is also advisable to prepare a new planting site before arrival so that the plants can enter the soil as soon as possible.

  • Pack Them Properly

    Protects the plant from heat, cold, sunlight (amplified by car windows), and wind by wrapping it in a Kraft paper cone.

    Glue or staple to keep the shape. Then push the plant in the pot over the cone so that the leaves and stems of all the plants are pushed up.

    For more delicate plants such as cacti and succulents, he suggests putting them in a box and filling the empty space with bubble wrap or towels.

  • Taking Care of Transported Plants

    Once you arrive at your destination, test all flora for damage. Snip off damaged leaves or branches the usage of a smooth pair of lawn pruners. Get the flora into their new domestic as quickly as possible.

    It`s first-class to transplant early withinside the morning on an overcast day, specially withinside the summertime season months. New transplants require soft loving care. Be positive to offer masses of water.

    If you transplant for the duration of a warm period, flora will maximum possibly revel in a few surprises and can wilt. If you can, shield transplants from the new solar even as they establish. A four-inch (10 cm.) layer of mulch will assist to preserve moisture.

Growing Stronger Plants

That's all. Growing plants is a lot of fun and there are good rewards for investing time.
Be careful when moving them.

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You can also take the time to grow big and strong plants!

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