How to Prevent Your Plants From Dying?

How to Prevent Your Plants From Dying?

Have you ever seen a plant on display in a nursery that glows in shades of green and chestnut? The first instinct is to invite this beauty to brighten the house. If yes, you are not alone. Most of us see fresh plants, buy them and take them home!

They bloom for a while and you make sure they stay healthy. And what? For some reason, all of these plants dry out and die. Have you ever wondered why this is happening to most of your plants?

Well, there must be something you are missing! Let's see how to save our plants from dying.

  • Stop Over-Watering

    It is a well-known fact that plants need water to survive. But all you need to know is that too much is harmful to the plants-even water! Most plants do not grow during dormancy, especially during the winter when it is good to remain submerged. When watering plants, the water collects in the soil and is not drained.

    This excess water moistens the soil all day and eventually rots the roots. Also, too much water opens the way for mold and mold to grow freely around the pot, affecting soil quality and overall plant growth. Therefore, it is important to water wisely!

    Over-watering or under-watering can be harmful to your plant. Watering flushes those essential nutrients, and submersion dries the soil. Study how much water your plant needs. Also, pay close attention to the plants in the morning when the soil warms up in the sunlight.

  • The Right Placement

    Potted plants should be placed in the sun as much as possible. Insufficient sunlight slows plant growth and in some cases completely inhibits it. In this rule, you need to keep in mind the basic laws of photosynthesis. Otherwise, you'll be working on the puzzle "Why my plant dies".

  • Check Humidity Levels

    Moisture can be the worst enemy of your plant-whether it's too much or too little. When the outside humidity is low, the amount of heat inside the foliage plant increases, and the foliage plant dies faster.

    The dry winter air is the worst, the plants crunch and shed their leaves, leaving only the dead leaves of the dry stems. Solution: Check the humidity around the plant. If the number is small, change the system location.

  • Re-Pot

    Like humans, plants are willing to grow if given sufficient space and appropriate stimulation. When well-nourished, plants tend to bloom beautifully in pots. But they soon go beyond the pot and experience something like choking! It is often referred to as "unstimulated growth."

    If you notice water oozing out of the holes in the pot as soon as you water it, or if the plants look more prominent than the pot, check out the tips-it's time to transplant! Put her in her big pot, add fresh soil and fertilizer, and air her to make her bloom!

  • Cut off Dead Leaves and Branches

    Plants often appear dead and rotten on the outside, but do not have to be on the inside. If the air is too dry, if you keep forgetting to water the plants, or if the leaves look dull and black, don't think they're dead.

    Cut off dead leaves and branches, giving the plant room to grow. Be sure to check the color of the stem when cutting the branches. When the middle of the stem turns green, stop cutting there. A green inside indicates potential growth.

  • Add Or Stop Nutrients

    Fertilizers and minerals are vital for promoting plant growth and nourishing the soil. But again, too much can be harmful. When you buy a plant, make an effort to study it-the type of soil, its nutrients, and the need for water.

    Once you know the need for a plant, make sure to feed it according to your discoveries. Overdose of soil can be very harmful to plants, and underdose gradually kills it. It is best to stick to organic fertilizers and use them proportionally to extend the life of the plant

Choose Your Match Plant

After choosing and buying your favorite plant, make sure to take great care of it.

Here at TUILLY, you may find many guides on how to look after your plants.

With us, you can locate the ideal plant however additionally examine all about what makes greenery so amazing. TUILLY is right here to help with all of the assistance you need!

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